5 Spots in Mumbai to Try Vada Pav

All hail Vada Pav!

The vegetarian fast food dish, famous in Maharashtra (and way beyond!), now reaching every part of the country. Can you guess it? Oh, not that difficult, it’s our favourite vada pav! Extremely delicious deep – fried aloo patty with a perfect blend of spices and coriander stuffed in a bun with the green chutney may sound too simple but is enough to make your mouth water. Indeed, it is extremely popular in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, always buzzing, bubbling with life and motion. In the fast-moving lives of Mumbaikars, vada pav plays an essential role. It serves as the perfect breakfast and a filling snack too. Ask them, and it is the most conveniently available and definitely the most excellent food item to grab and eat on the move.

Whether it is the college students or the people heading to work, everyone absolutely loves the vada pav. Explore any nook and corner of Mumbai, and you can easily spot a cart of vada pav distributing a mouth-watering aroma and surrounded by a cluster of people. But can there be a list of best places to try the vada pav in Mumbai? Definitely, there is! Are you still looking for these places, searching for them like crazy? If you are planning a trip to Mumbai, you must look out for these places and savour this snack. Even the Delhi to Mumbai train tickets price is easy in your pockets just like the vada pav.

Ashok Vada Pav, Off Cadel Road, in Kirti College Lane

Located near the Kirti College, the Ashok Vada Pav has impressed vada pav lovers for over 35 years now. It is one of the finest places in the city where you can try the vada pav and must not miss out on. The reason why the demand here is awe-inspiring is the delicious taste of the snack that always remains the same!

Aaram Vada Pav at Capital Cinema Building

A small shop residing opposite to the CST station has been serving lip-smacking vada pavs for the last seventy years. Green chilis and onions accompany the snack here and believe us when we say it, the taste you get here is authentic, so real, yet so dreamy that you would want to eat it again and again (of course, until your stomach says a final strict no!). Noticeable political personalities including Balasaheb Thackeray and Rajiv Gandhi have also tried the vada pav served here. (As if we needed any more reasons to visit the place!).

Graduate Vada Pav outside Byculla (West) Station

We don’t know what it is with vada pavs near and around local railway stations, but they are irresistible. The Graduate vada pav has been running its own empire for the last twenty years, outside Byculla (West) station. An extremely small stall, but it serves the best place for a quick snack for people rushing to work. The USP of this stall are the fine chutneys served with the vada pav, especially the garlic chutney that completely complements the taste and even adds more to it!

Shivaji Vada Pav, Outside Mithibai College, Ville Parle West

This thirty – five – year – old stall runs so successfully till date and gets an overwhelming response from foodies of all age groups. The general sale per day is about a thousand vada pavs. Imagine how busy their work may be. Indeed, it is, they take orders and recognise just by the voice and don’t even take a glance towards you!

Aanad Vada Pav, Outside Mithibai College, Ville Parle West

Again, at the same location is another vada pav favourite of Mumbaikars. Hot and spicy vada pavs not to be missed out on! It is even frequented by some Bollywood celebrities on a regular basis!!

One of the signs that you are a Mumbaikar or that you have even visited Mumbai for leisure or a work trip is that you have tried vada pav once in your life. This Maharashtrian dish is no less than a gift of the state to our foodie world, in every way. Whether served with some unique side dishes or with zingy and spicy chutneys, it is and will always remain the go-to snack for the buzzing, fast-moving citizens. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Check the Delhi to Mumbai train tickets price, book and get going towards this dreamy delight!

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