A Little More Knowledge into The Shooting World

Shooting has been around for a number of years, with hunting being the traditional shooting sport moving onto type of sports such as clay pigeon shooting and BB gun games. However, if you’re thinking of joining the shooting sport then it is important to know which kind of sport you want to go into. That is why we strongly advise people to research. Talk to experts. And get as much information as possible and enjoy. It is important to us to provide people with as much information as possible therefore we have decided to give information on the basic UK shooting law and some of the rules which all shooters need to follow, keep reading and take note.

Starting with the UK law…

  • For shooters under the age of fourteen it is the law that they can only shoot a gun on private premise, when have permission. Not only this but they need to be supervised by someone over the age of twenty-one as well.
  • For shooters between the ages of fourteen and seventeen it is the law that they can only borrow an air rifle, and again have to have permission to shoot on private premises.
  • Under twenty-one shooters cannot carry a gun around in public without being supervised by someone over the age of twenty-one. And when carrying a gun in public, they must have a valid reason to do so.

Moving onto the basic rules of shooting…

  • It is important that shooters treat as their gun is loaded all the time, whether it is or not. Therefore, the barrel of the gun must be pointed towards the ground to ensure that no accidents occur which could seriously harm another person.
  • Make sure to get your gun fitted prior shooting, often people who don’t get their gun fitted they struggle to shoo to the best of their ability. So get the right gun for your shooting sport, make sure it fits and enjoy.
  • Always purchase your SMK air pistols and equipment from reputable companies such as Pownalls, a leading gun supplier in the UK.
  • Use shooting ranges to their full advantage and practice because after all practice makes perfect and the last thing you need is to be disheartened when you aren’t performing well.

We believe that this knowledge into the shooting sport will benefit you, and we strongly advise that you take all this information on board, follow the basic rules, have fun and just enjoy chilling and relaxing with friends, family and likeminded people.