Get legally separated rather than getting divorced

Getting divorced is hard for the couples, no matter how much they fight for any issue. Many times the couple finds this separation as the best solution for their better life. But the couples can go with the alternate option of getting separated legally rather than getting divorced. In this legal separation, the court sets out some responsibilities and rights including custodial, financial, etc. for the married spouse, when they decide to live separate lives.

In this legal separation, your marital status does not get end up permanently. You can hire the professional Kirker Davis LLP attorneys for filing the legal separation. These are the experienced attorneys that will guide you through your case. Couples may choose this option of legal separation because of some following issues listed below:

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  • If they are facing any moral/religious objections for divorce, they may choose this alternate option of legal separation.
  • They may use this separation option as cooling off time, where they can restore their relationship bonding.

How to file this legal separation

Many simple divorce cases become complicated and take longer time. These legal separation cases will either make or break the marital status of the couples. When the couples take a combined decision of separation, they can make an approach to the lawyers who will help them regarding the filing for legal separation case. Listed below are some procedures for filing these separation cases:

  • After properly acknowledging the state’s residency need, you can file the legal separation case if it’s being recognized in your state, with the help of an attorney.
  • Along with filing your case you need to attach the file of your legal separation agreement, which includes the issues like child support, child custody, spousal support, and visitation.
  • If your spouse agrees to the provisions of the petition filed, then you get legally separated and will have to follow the guidelines listed in the separation agreement and your separation agreement filed will be recorded by the court’s clerk.