How to Select Long Kurtis

Comfortable Ethnic Wear

The style statement portrayed by the Indians has been famous worldwide. Ethnic wear is now a fashion trend as you are at liberty to sport yourself with a wide range of accessories. For all the royalties embedding in the designs and the quality of the clothes, ethnic clothes are known to have tribal prints as well as a spark of attractive colours all over them. Kurtis come under these comfortable attires and are worn by a maximum population of ladies trending their look in their own ways.

Kurti over Sari

No doubt a Sari is the most elegant form of clothing any woman can wear and look elegant in. The effortlessness to portray class and elegance makes it a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Even after all the style and class the Sari has to offer, it can pose as a hassle some times. This gets covered up by the introduction of a long kurti into the fashion world. It not only offers style and a classy look but also is hassle free and comfortable to wear for any occasion. Kurtis have also been started to rule the foreign markets.

Selection of Long Kurti According to Body Shape

Kurtis come in a various sizes and shapes, even in different forms like long kurti or short kurti, anarkali etc. There is a wide range of long kurtis which can be worn in different styles and with different accessories. Choosing the best long kurtis according to the body shape also matters.

  • The Petite

For the petite structured body, silk, embroidered, linen, crepe or georgette choice of clothes is of the best choice. Polyester or Liva material can make the body look larger due to the drooping off. The material which would cling to the body highlighting the curves is bound to be the decent choice.

  • The Chubby

These days chubby is not taken as a negative statement anymore, as the body type enhance the curves of a woman and deserves soft silk, soft cotton, crepe, georgette material. Polyester and Liva material might hang off from the body and might make the body look fuller. Fabrics made of silk are said to be the best for this type of the body.

  • The Skinny

For the skinny body shape, flaring Anarkalis look stunning on them, however, Anarkalis are said to be occasional wear and hence, A- line kurtis with a bit of flare can be excellent.

  • The Pear Shape

For this body type, the lower portion of the body is proportionately more than the upper portion and hence a suit should be worn with a yoke. This suit should end a bit below the bust accentuating it and hence enhancing the raise by making a visual balance between the upper and the lower portion of the body.

  • The Short Tall and The Tall

For the short tall body, wearing a kurti which would end some inches below the knee elongates the stature. Whereas wearing folded palazzos with long kurtis balances the height and volume of the stature.

Choice of Kurti According to the Design

  • The Tunic Type

The tunic type long kurtis should be worn withleggings and jeggings allow a loose trifle look.

  • ThePrinted Type

Ethnicity has a world to do with prints and colours, that how long kurtis can be classified over regular kameez. The prints in a way can enhance the look and stature of the body. Bright colours with bold and shiny designs work for the skinny statured body and the dark and rustic colours refine the frame of the broad statured women.


Wearing a kurti of a shorter sleeve is basically more desirable as it tends to make one look younger than their age. Deep neck long kurtis also should be avoided as it tends to enhance the frame and make one look broader. Hence, the perfect style should be a perfect fit kurti and a favourable accessory which can help flaunting your beauty.