Is my bad credit really holding me back?

Do you know what credit repair companies do? If you think they hold a magic wand and magically improve your credit score, you have a little bit more to learn about the process. The truth is that credit repair services are companies that have a solid understanding of how credit laws work and how they can put these to work for you to remove negative items from your reports and improve your credit score. Here’s what you need to know about credit repair services:

The first thing that a credit repair service will do is scour your report for negative items that are erroneous. This can be anything from accounts that are not yours to incorrect personal information to items that are from legitimate lenders that are being reported incorrectly. This is the main service that a credit repair service has to offer. It is the fastest process and will have an immediate impact on your score.

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The second thing that credit repair services do to improve your score is to look for items that are being reported outside of their legal reportable timeframe or are unverifiable. The credit bureaus are barred from reporting items to your credit report for longer than seven years or any item that is not verifiable. However, they simply do not have time to verify each item and review the millions of reports they have for items older than seven years. They rely on consumers to review their reports for items outside of the legal reporting parameters and dispute them for removal. This can be a very time consuming process for individuals. This is where credit repair agencies come into play. They will take the time to look for items that can be removed which will improve your score.

Last but not least, credit repair agencies can work with your remaining creditors to exchange payment for removal of negative items on your credit report. Many creditors, though not all, will work with a legitimate credit repair agency to remove negative items from consumers’ credit reports because they know that this arrangement is best for helping them get payment from their customers. It is the best situation for those who are looking to not only improve their scores now but create a solid financial future.

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